Holistic Cancer Support

Massage and Hypnotherapy for anyone with a current or past history of cancer.  Services can be given safely during any phase of diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and beyond. 

Please Note – Closed until grand reopening planned for January 2025 

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Whether you are right in the middle of your cancer journey or have it fully in the rearview mirror, I welcome you to BodyLight.

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Certified Massage Therapist, Certifiec Clinical Hypnotherapist

Meet Brian, Owner of BodyLight

Hi, I am Brian Stuepfert. I spent most of a 20+ year career working as a Nurse Practitioner with kids, teens, and young adults who have cancer and blood disorders.

At BodyLIght, however, I use an alternative skill set, one that I began developing even before my nursing career. I offer massage and hypnotherapy primarily to clients who have cancer or who once upon a time had cancer. Because of my nursing experience, I am familiar with all you may come in with - Shunts, lines, scars, tubes, bags, prosthetics and all. And don't forget about anxieties, fears, hopes, dreams, regrets, and resiliency. As a massage therapist, with added training in Oncology Massage, and as a compassionate hypnotherapy provider, I am ready to meet you where you are.

If you are in the middle of receiving cancer treatment, I can work with you. If you are 3, 4, or 10 years out from cancer treatment and training for a marathon, I can work with you! Massage therapy techniques can be adjusted to meet you and your body where they are today. Massage can range from full body, deep tissue, to a gentle and soothing massage of hands/feet/scalp.

I’m no different from the clients I see. Like everyone else, I'm human. I've been through both wonderful and difficult experiences that have shaped who I am and how I help others. While I, too, rely on modern medicine for many things, I also find value in applying holistic health practices in my own life.

Several years ago, for example, I was diagnosed with cancer. While chemotherapy and radiation therapy saved my life, it was meditation, yoga, yoga nidra, exercise, walking, hypnotherapy, and qi-gung that kept me whole, helping immensely with mood, physical stamina, and the ability to maintain a sense of well-being. I looked for a massage therapist trained in Oncology Massage during my cancer treatment but could not find one near me. I'm happy to say I can provide that service to others now.

Massage therapy has helped me feel more comfortable in my body, taught me to get in touch with and trust my own body’s feelings and signals, and helped me learn how to relax more completely. It has brought comfort, relaxation, and at times relaxes the body enough so that the mind can drift. Practicing massage therapy gives me a sense of awe and appreciation for the human body, and gives me a way to give back to others. Our bodies are what carry us through life – It is good to give our body a chance to relax fully every once in a while.

Hypnotherapy has helped me connect to my inner self or inner nature, the place where personal roadblocks are and can be worked with, the place where the mind and life connect in what seems like a mysterious but beautiful place. It has helped me sleep better, feel less anxious, and has even helped improve my performance running a 50K ultra marathon.

I continue to use massage, hypnotherapy, and other holistic practices in my own life - On my own, continuing to learn by taking classes, and by going to other practitioners. Now I would like to offer them to you, for your benefit.

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