About BodyLight

Created in 2021 By Brian Stuepfert to help teens and young adults walk through the world strong, independent, and functional in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Naturally.

Since starting, I have expanded to include working with kids age 10 and up as well as adults of any age.  As one of my teachers told me – “There is a teenager in all of us.”  I have found this to be quite true as many of our adult blocks, patterns, habits, and emotions have roots in our younger years.  Luckily, many of these things can be worked through, healed, and resolved with hypnotherapy in a much shorter time then they have been with us!

More recently, inspired by all I have worked with over the years as a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner in Oncology, I am offering services at BodyLight specifically to those with a current or past history of a cancer diagnosis.


I co-created the logo with some graphic designers.  Here is what I asked for:   “It should speak of lightness, health, personal growth, and transformation.  If you see it and connect these ideas and the image to our services, you should see and feel self-transformation, a feeling of lightness, brightness, health, joy, hope, and freedom from pain.”  I needed it to be representative of a feeling, and to not exclude any certain body type / race / gender / walk of life.  A hard ask, and likely no logo could do everything I had in mind, but I am happy with this one – I think it worked out well!

Inside BodyLight

I practice in a single treatment room, well lit with a tall window on the second floor of 9075 Elk Grove Blvd in old town Elk Grove, CA.  My studio is one room in a suite of rooms that belong to other professionals, including Counselors at Hope for Happy Families and several other professionals.  We share a lobby.  There are bathrooms in the outer hallway.  We are on the second floor and there is an elevator located just inside the entrance.  NOTE:  Services temporarily on hold until grand-reopening January 2025.  I will relocate at that time, hopefully within Elk Grove. 



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Brian Stuepfert

Owner & Sole Practitioner at BodyLight

For Your Total Health & Wellness – Our Friends

Professionals in the Sacramento area that you can depend on. 

  • Eventually we hope to build a network of trusted providers to help you get what you need from life, from your mind, body, and all of your potential!
  • Please email me with recommendations of health and wellness providers that you trust.  Looking for practitioners who also have experience with or a focus on working with persons in active cancer therapy or in recovery and a return to total wellness after therapy for cancer.