All services are done in-person in Elk Grove, California

Services are typically given in a series of sessions over a number of weeks and use a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapy, & Guided Relaxation. We can talk more about a specific plan for you in your first visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things can you help with?

Services at BodyLight can help if you want to…

·  Have less anxiety

·  Decrease stress

·  Sleep better

·  Reduce headaches

·  Lessen physical and mental tension

·  Be able to relax more fully

·  Have less pain and body aches

·  Feel at home inside your own body

·  Decrease upset or nervous tummy problems

·  Build confidence

·  Manage your anger

·  Not be so shy

·  Feel better about the future

·  Stop worrying so much

·  Discover your purpose

·  Gain clarity about something that is troubling you

·  Feel more spiritually connected

·  Improve relationships with others

·  Feel less afraid

·  Remove blocks to living the life you want to live

·  Feel more relaxed and whole

·  Create positive change in yourself and your life

·  Make other changes to feel better about your self, your body, and your life – Ask me more! Or contact me to talk about your special situation.

Ready to Make a Change? The first step is to set up a free consultation at BodyLight !

I don’t have any big issues, should I still make an appointment?

Yes, make an appointment today!  I am biased, and believe we all deserve and need help achieving our best selves. My bias comes from personally receiving benefit from receiving the very things I offer to others.  In fact, that is why I offer them!  My clients and friends and past holistic health classmates have also enjoyed the benefits of these therapies, no matter what was going on in their lives at the time.  We all have stress – physical, emotional, and mental.  We all have muscle tension, aches, and pains.  We all have personal barriers, physical and mental, that get in the way of us being the way we want to be in our body, in our life, and in the world.  Above all, no matter where we are in our life, we all have bodies and minds that need and deserve care and attention.  So I would say, Yes, give it a try!

What kind of person do you want to work with?

I like to work with people like You – whoever you are today.  I enjoy working with a broad range of people, from all races, genders, colors, ethnicities, body types, and from all types of life experiences and belief systems.  The human experience is diverse and complex, and I find being human beautiful in its complexity. I have worked with poeple of all ages and from various backgrounds and life experiences, and all can receive benefit from these services.

I do have past work experience and training in Nursing and as a Nurse Practitioner, as well as training and experience practicing holistic therapies that gives me a higher comfort level supporting some clients perhaps more so than other clinical hypnotherapists and massage therapists, such as working with:

-Kids, Teens, Young Adults

-Persons newly diagnosed with cancer, being treated for cancer, and cancer survivors

-Persons with physical or emotional experiences that need a holistic touch not being offered by medical therapy, or someone who would benefit from services offered at BodyLight in addition to medical therapy, counseling, or psychotherapy

-Persons facing a potentially life-limiting disease or medical condition as well as someone currently receiving hospice services.

I’m nervous about making an appointment.  Is this normal?

It’s totally normal to be nervous about doing something new, or doing something that is not new, but with a new person.

It takes courage to reach out to get help with your own self-care. The fact that you are on this website right now, doing some research shows that you are being brave and looking for things that can help you.

I’m committed to finding a way to care for you and ensure sessions are as comfortable as possible.

Our hope at BodyLight is that we can provide a space where you can feel comfortable being yourself.  In fact, our goal is that the services we offer help to feel even more comfortable when you leave than when you came in!

I’m here if you want to talk about it during a free in-person consultation – You can use this link to set up a meeting. Or use email or text to send me a question.

How do I know if you are the right person to help me?

Take your time to read through my website. Based on what you read, if you sense that I may be a good fit for you, and that the types of services I offer may be something that can help you, you can schedule yourself for free introductory appointment.  If you would like more information first, feel free to email me with any questions. 

At your first appointment, the free in-person consultation, you can ask me questions about my approach, about how I have helped other people like you before, or any other questions that may be specific to you. You’ll also be able to share what’s going on for you and I can share my ideas around how I can help you.

The first time we meet together will help us both figure out if my services are a good fit for you.  When we work together, you will quickly be able to understand how comfortable you feel in sessions. My approach and the types of services I offer may not be right for everyone. What’s most important to me is that you find what you feel is the right fit for you. We can explore that together.

What if I don’t want to talk, or I am not good at talking about things?

Well, you are in luck – Talking is usually the smallest part of all the work we may do together.  

The most talking that may be needed is likely going to be the very first time we meet. Talking will help me understand you and your goals so we can make a plan to help you feel better or help you make the changes you want to make.

Talking a little bit before each subsequent session is helpful for both of us to note the positive effects of the sessions over time and may help me better direct future sessions, but none of what I offer depends on you talking a lot.

You can be whoever you need to be each time you come, sharing what you feel it is most important to share or what you want to focus on in each session.

During our sessions, I will never push you to talk more than you want. If for some reason you are in a terribly non-talkative mood, that’s okay.  I can ask questions in a Yes/No format and you can answer with a shake or nod of the head, if that is the mood you are in that day!

Does a parent or other adult have to be in the room with a child or teenager?

If you are 18 years old or older:  No

For clients age 17 years or younger, for massage therapy: Yes, a parent or guardian will need to be in the room during the session.

For clients age 17 years or younger for hypnotherapy or guided relaxation: No.  But if not in the room, then required to be close, such as in our lobby.  It is okay for a parent or guardian to be in the room, if that is what you both want. For some teens, it is easier to bring up an issue that they want to focus on if the parent or caregiver is close by, but not in the room. Either way is completely okay for me.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes.  If this kind of experience is new to you and you would feel more comfortable having a person with you, please feel free to bring someone. Or if you are getting a ride from someone, or your plans, or timing just works out better to have someone with you, then, yes, feel free to bring someone. They can be in the room or wait in the lobby.

What should I wear?

For all sessions, wear anything that you can sit back and relax in.

Best clothes to wear for all sessions:  Wear clothes that a person would use for sports or yoga.  Clothes that you can relax in, that feel physically comfortable to you, and that don’t restrict physical movement.  Some examples may be loose, light, cotton clothing such as sweats and a t-shirt.  Synthetic or stretchy clothing, such as yoga pants or workout leggings work well also.

I practice massage therapy with clients fully clothed. You already have to take some risk and have some trust and vulnerability when going to someone for massage therapy.  I find clothing provides a layer of safety and comfort, allowing clients to relax even more.

For massage, I can work around any type of clothing, but it is a bit harder to do some techniques if you are wearing jeans, lace, straps, or clothes that are rough, thick, or constrictive. Don’t worry too much.  Wear what you think might work well for your first time, and then you will be able to know from experience! Whatever you come in with is okay!

Do you use oil for massage therapy?

Either very little or not at all.  The massage therapy I offer is done with the client fully clothed. There are so many techniques to use with you fully clothed and relaxed that oil is not necessary for a massage.

Sometimes oil can be a great addition to a massage session that is done fully clothed. Areas it could be applied are to the neck, hands, or feet.